Note that the products featured on the page below only represent pekay's standard range of products in this category. For more detailed information and enquiries on specialized products not featured on this page, please contact us at any of our offices or outlets. See our contact page for details.

adhesives & coatings

pre-treatments & solvents

YY72 Latex 60% Natural Rubber Latex
YY398 Acetone Solvent - Flammable

Bostik 9259 Primer
EVA Primer

GB209 Bostik 21 DA 209 Adhesive
Spray grade Vacuum Forming Adhesive
C401 MEK Solvent (for TPR and PVC)
C405 Solvent Wipe - Flammable
C406 Non-flam Solvent
P2006 Halogenation Wipe



One-part polyurethane adhesive

V428 Super high viscosity Contact Adhesive
V435 Super-Contact Adhesive
GB419 Super 95 Neoprene Contact Adhesive
GB450 Natural Rubber Adhesive
GB477 Vulcanizing Cement
GB480 Neoprene Sole Lasting Adhesive
GB481 Sole Lasting Cement
GB482 Heel Dipping Cement
GB646 General Purpose one-part PU Footwear Adhesive
HM230 Toe Puff Hot Melt
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