Note that the products featured on the page below only represent pekay's standard range of products in this category. For more detailed information and enquiries on specialized products not featured on this page, please contact us at any of our offices or outlets. See our contact page for details.

adhesives & coatings
paint & speciality coatings

general purpose decorative coatings

Q3 Contractor's Grade Matt Acrylic Latex
Q10 Matt Acrylic Latex Undercoat
Q11 Super Acrylic Semi Sheen Latex
Q30 Super Grade Matt Acrylic Latex

Wall and Roof Coating
Semi sheen Latex with extra durability and flexibility

H810 Flat White Matt Alkyd Enamel
H815 Brush Grade High Gloss Alkyd Enamel
H816 Alkyd Eggshell Enamel

***All items available in a range of colours***

speciality coatings


Zinc Chromate Alkyd Primer
Dipping or Spray Grade


One Pack Etch Primer
Brush or Spray Grade

N769 Epoxy Twinpack solvent-based Coating

QD Red Oxide Primer
Low cost primer for metal


Heavy Duty Polyurethane Twinpack Coating


High Build Self Leveling Epoxy Floor Coating
Solvent Free


One-part PU Bitumen Coating
Suitable for portable water installations


Epoxy self-leveling Screed
Thickness up to 4mm

N800 Hypalon® Chemical Resistant Coating
N1010 Neoprene® Chemical Resistant Coating
Only some of our wide range of paints are listed here - contact us for details
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