Note that the products featured on the page below only represent our standard range of products in this category. For more information and enquiries on jayco specialized products not featured on this page, please contact us at any of our offices or outlets. See contact page for details.

reservoirs & liquid storage tanks

Jaycocrete Standard Mortar Waterproofer
Waterproofing on screeds, walkways and retaining walls


Seamless Bitumen Waterproofing (spray grade)
Highly elastic, quick drying, 3mm Film buildup can be obtained. 2-part sprayable bitumen


P.U. Bitumen Coating (solvent-based) for anti-corrosive protection
Elastic membrane for retaining walls, reservoirs, sewerage tanks


Laminated Butyl Rubber Bandage System
For bandaging over cracked concrete and waterproofing water retaining structures

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