Note that the products featured on the page below only represent our standard range of products in this category. For more information and enquiries on jayco specialized products not featured on this page, please contact us at any of our offices or outlets. See contact page for details.


ELAST-O-CRETE Cementitious Waterproofing System
For rising damp, showers, fish ponds, retaining walls (non-toxic)


Bitumen Coating for inside Cavity Walls
Coverage - First coat:1st coat: 2m / litre. 2nd coat: 8m / litre


Self-adhesive Flash Tape
Aluminium finish, cut to various sizes


Bituminous Fibrous Roof Mastic
Suitable for vertical joints, gutter sealing, etc. Apply with putty knife


Rubberized Bitumen water-based Coating
For waterproofing over concrete, brick, basement walls, gutters, roofs


One-part Bitumen Polyurethane Coating
Elastic membrane for retaining walls, reservoirs, sewerage tanks, pond sealer


BituSeal self-adhesive Membrane
Ideal for damp-proofing foundations, bridges, tunnels and showers. Self-adhesive peel-n-stick


Pitch Coating (solvent-based) for anti-corrosive protection
On steelwork and non-portable water tanks. Coverage - 10m / litre

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